Mullein Leaves — My healthiest herb

Someone recently asked me what my healthiest herb is.

A tough one to answer as all herbs are beneficial IMHO. Even the so called poisonous herbs have their place in the scheme of things.

So I gave it a thought and concluded that my healthiest herb will be mullein leaves (verbascum thapsus) being the, herb that saved me. When my body started to suffer from the toll and effects of years of eating insalubriously.

How was I to know that, all the dairy and its by-products, gum, sweets, biscuits, teas laced with loads of sugar cubes etc, was later going to impart my health in ways unimagined. Well here I was with the  onset of arthritis, chronic indigestion and a plethora of other ailments.

When the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed for the arthritis by my doctors continually failed. I knew it was time to take the responsibility for my health seriously.

So I embarked on a holistic method (uncommon, unconventional, unpopular but effective method). You don’t understand the efficacy of pure 100% herbal formulas, accompanied with a healthy diet and a healthy mindset, until you try it.

Mobility had become a big challenge however within days of drinking a herbal formula of mullein leaves, fenugreek seed & cayenne fruit. I was relieved of the heaviness in my legs and joints. That’s how mullein came to be my healthiest herb. It saved me from me!

Mullein leaves, Fenugreek seed & Cayenne fruit: Together these three herbs depending on the stage of disease will give almost instantaneous relief for inflammatory ailments such as arthritis, pancreatitis, colitis, conjunctivitis etc.

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To understand how inflammatory diseases such as arthritis develops, lets do a brief, on what mucus is and how it imparts our joints.

Present in our joints are articular cartilage, which contains mucus membrane cells, which secretes a clear slippery mucus to keep our joints lubricated.

Articular cartilage is also responsible for shock absorption.

Mucus in itself is not a bad thing: As it is a natural forming substance, secreted by the body, To lubricate & protect mucus membranes along the reproductive. digestive, respiratory & urinary tracts.

Excessive production of mucus is caused by acid forming foods. As our intake of acidic foods increases the body produces, far more mucus than is needed. The resultant effect is stiffened joints. Brought on by mucoid (a mixture of thick hardened mucus and toxins).

To effectively combat arthritis and all inflammatory diseases a dietary change is inevitable. Taking out acid forming foods is key and replacing with healthy greens and fruits. Personally my daily meal is a combination of raw/cooked foods (vegetables, fruits, grains & seeds) in 80 :20 ratio. (I am one of those boring, heady people. Who believe that cooked/warm foods are necessary for a healthy body and mind).

For optimal wellness: It is pertinent to create a healthy meal plan which, can be supplemented with herbal nutrients/formulas to augment and make up for, any deficiencies in the diet.

peace prosperity gratitude