Heal painful ingrown toenail using herbal tea

First it is harmless and it actually does work. Listening to yourself (Intuition) always always produces magical outcomes

I had this problem of ingrown toenail, pain & discomfort and inability to wear certain kind of shoes. I particularly couldn’t wear for longer than 1 hour a pair of lovely round mouthed red Pied a Terre that I purchased from Selfridges (now I know that sounds vain but aren’t we all, to varying degrees).

 Okay, so ingrown nails: it was so bad I couldn’t even keep my leg in certain positions when sleeping. If I did the sharp jab from my right fore toe would wake me. I didn’t think drugs nor hospitals / doctors could help. …. So i just lived with it.

And then in 2009, I began to actively consume pure organic herbs I also did my first real cleanse/detox.

Some of the tea from my cleanse had been sitting on my cabinet for a while. I couldn’t drink it anymore and I also didn’t want to throw it out (I do my best at minimising waste: kind of balancing my life ,you know neutralising my vanity with a little preservation/conservation of self, resource and mother earth in whichever little way I can ).

So I decided to soak my feet in the herbal cleanse tea , it was intuitive I didn’t know it could do anything. Soaking my feet in the herbal tea gave me a somewhat sense of usage.

And Voila!! Not only did I satisfy my sense of conservation of resource I also unwittingly healed my ingrown toenail. It is such a long time ago but I must have soaked it for an hour or so just that one time and it has been good-bye to ingrown toenail since then.

Our intuition are our best buddy listen to it ,as regards all area & aspect of your being.

Peace prosperity gratitude.


 Cool stuff read this amazing account of Ben who actually has cured his ingrown toe nail without surgery.

Could be that I am old fashion or not just ‘modern’ enough. IMHO I find  surgery too invasive and often an unnecessary procedure.

whats your thought on surgery? do leave your thoughts in the comment section.