The Folly of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The folly of wisdom tooth extraction

I personally have a natural aversion for pain, bodily pain IE. It never cease to amaze me why and how people in the name of treatments are able to give in to having parts of their bodies chopped off/removed be it wisdom tooth, ingrown toe nail, Appendix, gallbladder, thyroid gland, tonsils, the list goes on.

Conventional medicine has come a long way it has numerous groundbreaking successes to its credit BUT some of its practices are crude and unnatural; taking out body parts should only be considered where everything else has failed IMHO.

To streamline this I will focus this article on wisdom tooth extraction

What is wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is said to be our third molar it is expected to come in by age 15 through 25 this is hardly the case and when it does erupt it is usually impacted.

A tooth isn’t lifeless beneath the enamel (which really is hardened tissue) are tubes with nerves connecting to several other organs, joints, endocrine system, muscle, etc. wisdom teeth in particular as per TCM is connected to the small intestine and heart. Here is a detailed tooth chart.[1] It shows the depth and interconnections of a single tooth to organs, joints and to other body areas and functions. Teeth extraction should only be considered when all alternatives have truly being exhausted.

Wikipedia doesn’t have a tooth chart one wonders why. Perhaps it is because western medicine regards traditional medicine as ‘woowoo’. And Wikipedia in particular likes to label such systems as ‘pseudo’ — I digress

Nutrition as a factor

Nutrition affects our oral health in ways we may not be aware of a diet of highly processed foods are acid forming and this, impacts negatively on our teeth as well as our overall health.

A known cause for wisdom tooth failing to erupt in an upright position or erupting partially is, a narrow jaw: where the jaw isn’t wide enough to accommodate the final set of molars. Nutrition directly impacts oral health down to the width of your jaw-line. I find it interesting though that there are those who hold the notion that wisdom teeth impaction is a result of evolutionary change, isn’t that just laughable? I don’t claim to have expertise in this filed however I have a good dose of native intelligence IE common-sense. Evolution IMHO will know to severe wisdom tooth from vital organs, tissues etc. than to leave it on to create complexities but hey anyone is free to believe what works for their thinking. Back to nutrition and oral health.

Young children should be trained and encouraged to chew on crunchy vegetables e.g. carrot and firm, hard fruits e.g. apple besides these types of foods providing vitamins and minerals they are also excellent ways to activate the masticatory systems: activating bone cells in the tooth socket, causing jaws to develop fully thereby providing adequate room for wisdom tooth to erupt without incident of impaction

Before you give in to surgical removal try the less invasive approach of adjusting your diet: adopt the color your plate technique; fruits & vegetable 50%, protein 25%, grains 25%, (cooked in healthy fat) finish off your meal with good old water or a home-made fermented beverage[2] (better than any commercial grade soda or beer) as it is packed with probiotic that can improve upon oral health.

To round of this approach you must incorporate herbs. Herbs whether you like to admit it or not are an integral part of nutrition. Our ancestors knew this and used herbs as food as well as medicine. There is a world of difference between synthetic and herbal supplements— Just thought to point that out


I personally know people who have had the misfortune of having their wisdom tooth extracted as a preventative measure and are full of regrets. I am well aware there are those who had this invasive procedures without complaints. The point of this article is to draw attention to the, fact that wisdom tooth extraction shouldn’t be the first and only option offered to people when they present with decayed or impacted wisdom tooth. Exaction should be the last resort when all else fail. Extracting a tooth that is still well embedded in the jaw will in the long term cause harm to the different organs, nerves, tissues such tooth/teeth are connected to.

Besides the occasional inflammation, my wisdom teeth never gave issues albeit my dentist during a routine check mentioned they were impacted.  Once I corrected my diet and started to ingest herbal nutrients in order to fix a different dental problem. The impaction resolved along the way, don’t under-estimate the impact of nutrition on oral health and well-being. As years go by you will keep noting positive unintended outcomes.

Dangers associated with wisdom tooth extraction

Besides the fact that there are no proven benefits for preventative extraction of wisdom tooth, there is also the risk associated with surgery some of which are

  • Dry socket occurs where blood clot didn’t form like it should have or is formed and becomes dislodged, about 5% of those who undergo the procedure may develop a dry socket. The pain can be severe spreading to the ear and neck region.
  • Nerve damage can occur from all the tugging and the anesthesia applied during the procedure.
  • Fractured jaw: often times the root of the tooth/teeth being extracted are still firmly embedded in the jaw making it a real tug of war to get the tooth/teeth out. which can cause fractures in the jaw.
  • Tooth extraction can trigger Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)
  • Infection

These dangers of course apply to not just wisdom teeth but teeth extraction generally. Extraction of tooth distorts the functioning of the specific organ, tissue, muscle etc such a tooth is connected with. Don’t give in to arbitrary removal of your wisdom tooth, do your research. Your health is your personal responsibility.

Remember complete and correct nutrition is a long term panacea to most dental problems

This study [3] is an interesting one worthy of your time not so much to do with oral health more the benefits of fermented foods on general and mental health

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