Consider Healing Teeth With Herbs

 Consider healing teeth with herbs.

You may want to consider healing teeth and other malaise with herbs. Our earth, after all teems with countless number of plants of different species, that serve different purposes. Some for lower animals & some for the service of mankind.  I am well aware some are poisonous to humans but my focus is on healing plants (those that nourish us). No doubt the, so called poisonous plants have their place in the ecological scheme of things, that said.

After 18 years my amalgam fillings came off, taking with it half of my left upper molar.

A visit to my dentist revealed a root canal was needed. Within a week my right upper molar suffered exactly the same fate. By this time I am suffering greatly; sensitivity to both hot and cold. So bad I could barely brush my mouth without pain. My dentist administered a temporary treatment on the right side and recommended a cap .

Being a typical Virgo and unsatisfied with the dentist’s answers to some of my concerns , I decided to do personal research and took to the Internet and the results that flooded me were at first unbelievable and surreal.

The further I dug and read the more shocking the facts: not only could I re-mineralise my teeth but I could also prevent cavities if I corrected my dietary choices.

It seemed incredulous however my inquisitiveness got the better of me. So I ordered this book from Amazon: Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel . I went through this book in two days .

Next I ordered organic herbs from (today we distribute the brand here in London UK) at the time known by a different name.
Thereafter I established a personal protocol based off the suggestions in the book and recommendations from

My personal protocol included but were not limited to the following:
  • Swishing my mouth as many times as possible in a day with tooth swishing powder, (regrettably this product has been discontinued by The original Himalayan crystal salt amongst other components of the powder made it super potent, in a matter of days the jagged remains of my fractured molars came tumbling out of my mouth. It was a relief as my bite had become awkward .
  • Corrected my diet; bread was the first to go, red meat and soda also. I then found new ways to incorporate vegetables into all meals.
  • Ingesting herbal nutrients on a daily basis.

The results after weeks of sticking to this regimen was spectacular: The exposed dentin & pulp (the primary cause of the sensitivity) sealed up and after a several months of ingesting herbal nutrients: calcium, zinc, multi-vitamins , msm sulfur, alkaline & anti-oxidant, my impacted wisdom teeth erupted through my gums. Though the impacted wisdom teeth were never an issue but it was a welcomed unintended outcome.

The foregoing is my experience, having said that. Until you try out new things you just never know. Take the courage to step away from mainstream noise and clutter. Do some study, research and above all follow your instinct.

Put nature to the test and see, if she is able to deliver her bounty (healing power of herbs) to you.

And yes, I did go back to my dentist ,only not for the appointment but to cancel my deposit, towards the treatment and this was five years ago.

peace prosperity gratitude.